Monday, November 3, 2008

When will your enterprise succeed?

The more I sit for classes during my MBA, the more I feel that to succeed in anything, especially in your own venture it's most important to be happy, to be totally immersed and as Csikszentmihalyi avows: to be in flow. It's important to recognize the kind of person you are, play to your strenghts... not to bother fretting over your weaknesses... coz you can always find somebody to complement you... the world is beautifully organized that way... and most importantly to have patience.
In fact the magnitude of that virtue just hit me coz it's very easy to write that patience is the key to succeeding --- but actually demonstrating that... whoa...
My natural predilection is to multi-task but at the cost of sustainability. Obviously that means I personally, currently, lack patience... hopefully my flow driver will help me overcome that. What I personally need to accept is that at the beginning of any business I will not have all the resources that are required... in fact I may never have all the resources required coz usually that true determination comes in hindsight.
When I was asked what domain I would choose to be an entrepreneur in as of today... the answer popped into my head... Sports marketing! Not that I'm a hard core fanatic but I have been earlier on in life and I completely relate to the level of passion, flow and discipline that comes with it. It'd be great to use sports as a social developmental tool. In fact I'd love to be able to create a platform which can get talent recognized across all sports. I realize for that it's essential that I learn spectator engagement strategies.

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