Friday, November 7, 2008

Ex-post AIM

Before I stepped into the Asian Institute of Management I didn't really have an idea about what I wanted to do for sure...Of course alot of options jumped, cantered, galloped, flew and random walked (ahem... someone's been reading her FM) through my head.
I remember distinctly reading a fabulous piece in BusinessWorld on the future of the Sports Industry and was totally on board. Since then the idea of getting into Sports Marketing or just about anything related to Sports has been gestating in my head and finally I'm pretty sure that's my career path.
We could start something while we're here now that Sports Marketing is being offered as an elective.
My personal preferance post AIM is working in the industry under a brand and after 4-5 years I'd love to start my own venture specializing in adventure sports. I'd like to not just provide existing sports but have a sort of think-tank which designs adventure sports...
Wow... just typing about this electrifies me... now it's about networking with like-minded people and channeling my energy and of course being observant and open to learning all the time!

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